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Masumi Ormandy マスミ オーマンディ

Vocalist Masumi Ormandy is first and foremost an English language educator. She is the co-founder of Tokyo-based Pacific Language School (PLS). With a rich 42-year operating history that has seen the PLS brand spread nationwide to over 50 sister schools which have adopted the PLS curriculum, Masumi currently serves as the Vice principal of the school, and heads the Institute of PLS English Education. She has written and co-authored several books and educational aids. A small sample of her works can be found on this website.

When not working directly with PLS, Masumi travels around Japan as a consultant to English conversation schools, kindergartens, nursery, elementary, middle and high schools, who draw upon her knowledge and experience in the field of English language education. She lectures on teaching philosophy and techniques, as well as helping train the younger generation of both foreign and Japanese teachers of English.

In recent years, Masumi has been a dedicated student of music and singing, and has had several sojourns in Italy, learning the unique flavor of music there, as well as studying the language itself. During this time, she engaged with the local schools, teachers and children – and the educator in her quickly realized that the PLS System could be adapted to teach English to Italian students, as well.

Masumi’s self-challenge to become a vocalist stems not only from her love of singing, but from her desire to demonstrate that  music, learning languages, especially English, and international cultural engagement can play key roles in understanding the world, regardless of age, gender or nationality. "Learning good English is a current educational necessity" she says. “It’s the "passport" to a world of opportunities and the realization your dreams."


Educational speeches, lectures, and seminars (selected excerpts)

August Tokyo – Gave a presentation at the National Conference for SELEC (Society of English Language Education for Children)
February Tokyo – Trained Japanese English Teachers at the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association)
May Tokyo – Gave a presentation: “Language Acquisition Level After 210 Hours of Class?” at the national conference for JASTEC (Japanese Association for the Study of Teaching English to Children)
June Class of elementary students at Pacific Language School Tokyo featured on NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation) television program “Ohayou Nippon” (Good Morning Japan)
July Hiroshima – Participated in the panel discussion at JALT Hiroshima (The Japan Association of Language Teachers): “An Outline of Goals & Strategies for the Teaching of English to Elementary School Children in Japan”
February Tokyo – Gave a lecture at CALA (Communication and Language Associates)
June Tokyo – Gave a lecture at the Tokyo Educators Conference for the Japan Private Elementary School Federation: “Student Centered Activities”
October Nagasaki – Gave a presentation at the Wesleyan Junior College Language Research Department
Oct China, Shanghai – Observed English classes at Baoshan District Third Primary School, and gave a practical training seminar for educators
April to March of 1998 Authored, “Masumi Ormandy’s Sounds of English” for the Asahi Elementary Student Newspaper, and acted as editor for the phonics corner on the Asahi television series, “Eigo Kids”
- 1998-
February Tokyo – Gave a seminar for CALA
June Tokyo – Gave a presentation at the JASTEC national conference: “The State of English Education in Shanghai, China – With Class Video and Commentary by Masumi Ormandy”
Okinawa – Gave a presentation at the JASTEC Kyushu conference: “Effective Use of Activities That Teach Communicative Abilities”
October Nagasaki – Gave a workshop at JALT Nagasaki: “The PLS Approach to Teaching English to Children”
December Saitama, Tokyo – Gave a workshop for AETs (Assistant English Teachers) and JTEs (Japanese Teachers of English)
May Shizuoka – Lecture at the Fuji Chamber of Commerce & Industry: “Regarding English Education for Children”
November Nagano, Matsumoto – Gave a lecture for the Association of Parents Concerned With English Education: “Regarding International Understanding and Education”
Shizuoka – Gave a lecture at Ofuji Elementary School: “Communication and Foreign Culture”
June Osaka – Gave a presentation at the JASTEC National Conference: “The Importance of Input, and The Inevitable Resulting Output”
July Nara – Gave a lecture hosted by the association of national public and private kindergartens in Nara City, titled: “Raising Japanese Youth to be International Citizens”, and featuring a demo class by Aizen Kindergarten.
June Osaka – Gave a presentation at the JASTEC national conference: “Practical English Activities in Private Schools – 4th Graders with the Ability to Speak English Proactively”
October Shizuoka – Speaker at panel discussion at the JASTEC 23rd Fall Research Symposium: “What We Seek in Elementary School Educators”
December Shizuoka – Gave lectures: “The Real Goal of Foreign Language Education” and “Anecdotal Experiences with Foreign Cultures”
February Ibaraki, Kashima – Speaker at panel discussion at Children’s English Lecture Conference: “The 21st Century is a Generation Where Expression is Essential”
November Nagano, Shimosuwa – Gave a lecture: “Expectations for Elementary School English – Fun Ways to Foster Communicational Abilities – Shimosuwa Children Learning English”
February Authored, "Passport to the World" published by Dorimu-Sha
July Aichi – Gave a presentation at the JASTEC Chubu Branch Summer Conference: “What Have Been the Results of Elementary School English Education in Japan?”
February Shizuoka – Gave a presentation at the JASTEC Chubu Branch Winter Conference, under the theme of, “Knowledge for Homeroom Teachers Continuing English Activities”
Symposium speech: “English Activities in the Present, and Prospects for the Future”
November Authored “A Book for Mothers Who Want to Foster Their Children’s English Ability” published by Aspect
December Tokyo – Spoke at the symposium, “Children’s Futures and English” together with Dr. Mineo Nakajima, former president of Akita International University and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
March Nagano, Minowa Town – Gave speech at the “Wa no Kai” education symposium: “Discussion of Initial Year of Compulsory English Classes”, promoted by the Shinano Mainichi Newspaper.
October Authored, “Mothers, Be Ambitious!” published by Aspect
February Osaka – Speaker at panel discussion: “Learning That Translates Worldwide – Thinking About 21st Century Elementary School Education”
Hosted by Osaka Hatsushiba Gakuen with support from the Sakai Board of Education.
June Gave a lecture and sang at the English and Music Event: “Ever Growing Dreams, to an Ever More Connected World”
Hosted by NPO New Life Kashima 21 with support from the Kashima Board of Education
September Northern Italy – Led a group tour which included observation of English education (ten days), visiting private and public schools, kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high schools, including a courtesy call on the mayor of Limone.

Cultural Activities (selected excerpts) – including organized events, guest appearances, and co-starred events

Jun 14th Tokyo, Roppongi – Singer at “Early Summer Concert” at Chansonnier Pigalle
Jul 10th Tokyo, Roppongi – Singer at “Summer Afternoon Concert” at Chansonnier Pigalle
Nov 13th Tokyo, Ginza – Singer at “Autumn Concert” at Hatapoppo
Nov 27th Tokyo, Ginza – Singer at a mini-concert at Tsukiyo no Koneko
Dec 11th Tokyo, Minato – Singer at “Christmas Concert” at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa
Jan 8th Tokyo, Shinjuku – Singer at “New Year Concert” at Shinjuku Champagne
Feb 17th Kyoto – Singer at “Winter Concert” at Pariyaro
Mar 11th Tokyo, Setagaya – Singer at “Charity Concert” at Seijo Hall
Jun 24th Tokyo, Ginza – Singer at “Early Summer Concert” at Chansonnier Hatopoppo
Jul 16th Tokyo, Ueno – Singer at “Summer Afternoon Concert” at Live Space Qui
Dec 16th Tokyo, Yotsuya – Singer at “Christmas Concert” at Una Canzone
Dec 21st Kyoto – Singer at “Christmas Concert” at Pariyaro
Jan 25th Tokyo, Aoyama – Singer at “Singing of New Spring Happiness” at Aoyama Robin’s Club
Jun 13th Tokyo, Akasaka – Sang at the PLS 40th Anniversary Celebration mini-concert at Capitol Tokyu
Jun 27th Tokyo, Yokohama – Singer at a mini-concert at Chansonnier Dumont
October 20th Nagano – Singer at “A Charming Night of Canzone” at Xiv Tateshina
Jan 10th Tokyo, Ueno – Singer at “New Year Concert” at Live House Qui
Jan 21th Tokyo, Meguro – Singer at “New Spring Chanson Concert 1” at Kahoo
Jan 26th Tokyo, Meguro – Singer at “New Spring Chanson Concert 2” at Kahoo
May 31st Kanagawa, Kugenuma – Singer at “An Evening of French and Canzone” at Mikasa Kaikan
Jun 7th Ibaraki, Kashima – Gave a speech: “Ever Growing Dreams, To An Ever More Connected World” and sang at the mini-concert: “To The Future” at the Ono Fureai Center
Jun 29th Tokyo, Kichijoji – Speaker at panel discussion: “English: Passport to the World” with Dr, Muneo Yoshikawa, and sang at the accompanying mini-concert at the Kichijoji Tokyu Inn
Jul 6th Tokyo, Ebisu – Singer at “Summer Concert” in Ebisu
Nov 15th Nagano – Singer at the “Talk & Dinner Show” at the Hotel Beniya
Jan 29th Tokyo, Shibuya – Singer at “Masumi Night” at Live House Encore Shibuya
Feb 26th Tokyo, Shibuya – Singer at “Masumi Night 2” at Live House Encore Shibuya
Jun 12th Tokyo, Gakugei-Daigaku – Guest singer at the Gakugei-Daigaku Asian Cafe
Jun 18th Tokyo, Roppongi – Guest singer at Roppongi KNOB
Jun 27th Tokyo, Yotsuya – Guest singer at the Diamond Club
Jul 14th Tokyo, Ueno – Guest singer at Ueno Aries
Dec 13th Kanagawa, Hakone - Christmas Special Joint Live and Twilight Dinner
Dec 23rd Tokyo, Roppongi - "Masumi NightⅢ" at Knob
2016.2.28 That’s Me JZ Brat
2016.6.17 Tokyo, Roppongi - On the Sunny Side of the Street at All of Me Club
Aug 3rd Kanagawa, Karuizawa - Masumi Ormandy Summer Concert
Sep 16th CD Release - "Sunshine in Manhattan" - Published by Miles High Records (NY)
Oct 17th-22nd Sunshine in Manhattan CD Launch Event in NYC
Dec 3rd Kanagawa, Hakone - "Christmas Special Joint Live and Twilight Dinner" at Venetial Glass Museum

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