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DREAms are elusive creatures

Snag one, and life can change suddenly: A yellow brick road appears. A good witch waves a wand. An inexplicable spirit conjures New York, where one suddenly bathes in the light of triumph, radiating beauty and warmth and love and sunshine. Meet Masumi Ormandy, a person of uncommon determination, an artist whose first jazz recording proves that capturing a dream can be as simple as singing a song.

At age 77, after decades of providing selfless assistance to others at the helm of Pacific Language Schools, Masumi stepped into the sun, blinded by the conviction that there is no better moment than now: This was the time to fulfill a dream - kindle the flames of purpose and desire, sing jazz. Learning the language of a vocal music and interpreting the Great American Songbook was an enormous decision and challenge...The result is “Sunshine In Manhattan,” an inspiring record with melancholic echoes of self- determination, focus and courage. It is a revelation, as much for Masumi’ s story as for the sound of her soul. She is living her dream. The opening track tells all. Masumi’ s misty read of “As Time Goes By,” is an advisory and a declaration - she has lived that lyric. She absorbed life’ s lessons from many sides, and when she offers the line, The fundamental things apply..., there is no second-guessing her meaning. She sings from experience, earning the right to add Jazz Vocalist to her impressive list of credentials. “Sunshine...” is her baptismal moment. And, who better to administer this rite than producer Roseanna Vitro? Roseanna, a Grammy-nominated vocalist and educator whose influence can be heard among musicians across generations, knew that Masumi was a special person. This record was a lifeproject, she understood, with unique contours. Their partnership brought life. Thus, we are surrounded by the soft-edge glow of a dream. “Sunshine In Manhattan” casts a sweet, illuminating light. The arc of Masumi’ s life resembles a rainbow. That legendary pot of gold, seekers hope to uncover? This record. Riches for all. - Jeff Levenson July 2016

By Masumi Ormandy

Music Published by Miles High Records
Radio promotion by Kari-On Productions


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